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Winter storage for your boat: best practices

A few best practices

Cold and ice can seriously damage your boat. And since repairs are notoriously expensive, you want to avoid them. That’s why we recommend winter storage for your boat. Whether indoors or outdoors, here are a few basic rules to consider:

  • Take it out of the water. You’ll want to make sure your pipes aren’t damaged by frost or any water left in them. To do this, use a non-toxic antifreeze, such as that used for RVs.
  • Clean it well.
  • Drain your boat (to avoid freezing liquids).
  • Seal holes (to prevent animals from making nests or larders).

Winter storage for your boat: insurance for peace of mind

Keep this in mind: the insurance you choose for your boat will remain the same, summer and winter alike. Your only obligation to your insurer is to take your boat out of the water. The storage period begins on November 30 and ends on April 1.

Decisions about where to store your boat will depend on your preferences : in a
warehouse or in your own backyard.

This insurance remains in force while your boat is in winter storage.

By keeping all this information in mind and discussing it with your broker, you’ll be
able to protect yourself properly.

Because beyond the question of storage, there’s the pleasure of using it in the
summertime. Be prepared!

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