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Our Team

We are a family business. We strive to offer the most personalized service available. We think about your needs when things are going well, and we are there when problems arise. We are your insurance brokers.


Long-term relationship

Time is key to building a trusting relationship. The time we invest in fully understanding your situation. The time during which we always offer impeccable service. Together, let’s start building a lasting relationship!


We pool our strengths, our knowledge and our skills, and we remain open to others. This contributes to the vitality and enthusiasm of our team.

Continuous improvement

We are convinced that continuous professional training is a major asset for the success of our entire team, and that it is essential to keep up to date with the latest technology.


Casualty insurance brokers based in Saint-Césaire

A team of local experts, from your region, to look after your needs. Our family business is staffed by brokers with up to 25 years of experience. We take the time to talk with you, to listen and to understand.


Let our family take care of yours.

Maryse Poulin

Administrative Support and Personal-lines Damage Insurance Broker

Élise Cabana

Manager and Damage Insurance Broker

Hélène Deshaies

Manager, Services to Individuals and Personal-lines damage insurance broker

Chani Marin

Personal-lines damage insurance broker

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Vanessa Lebeau-Boivin

Personal-lines damage insurance broker

Karine Labrie

Personal-lines damage insurance broker

Jonathan Thibault-Rondeau

Personal-lines damage insurance broker

The Malouin team has been making your life easier since 1962

Trust our dedicated team to find the insurance products that are right for you. Discover our fast, attentive and rigorous service.


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