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In Quebec, when it comes to automobiles, liability insurance is mandatory. After that, there are different products, one of which will certainlymeet your needs. Let's find out how to make your life easier.

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How can you reduce the cost of your insurance? Do you have a good driving record? Tell your broker! FADOQ members, it’s time to whip out your card! Savings await!


Roadside insurance is a great way to feel protected. This service gives you peace of mind, knowing that whatever happens, someone will be able to help you.


Take advantage of discounts by combining your insurance policies! By insuring your car and your home with the same provider, you’ll be entitled to a multi-policy discount.

Basic coverage

Because protection is everybody’s business

In Quebec, as a motorist and vehicle owner, you must insure yourself for damages to others. This is an obligation. The minimum required by law is $50,000. At Malouin, we strongly recommend coverage of at least $1 million, even up to $2 million. In addition to this, you can choose coverage against fire, theft and glass breakage, among others options.

Additional coverage

Because your situation is unique

Depending on the value of your vehicle and how you use it, there are a variety of products available. Is there more than one driver for the same vehicle? Do you regularly go out of province? In the event of an accident, would you like a rental car? Would you prefer to pay a lower premium but a higher deductible? Let's take the time to assess your needs.


We work with the best suppliers

Having a hard time finding your way around all the insurance companies? We are here to advise you and to find the best coverage for your needs, based on your reality. This is the role of a broker, and we take it seriously.
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We are attentive to the needs of all our clients. We listen to them carefully and provide them with clear and honest answers that take into account their reality.

Long-term relationship

We create a climate of trust with our clients, providing advice that opens up new perspectives, thus taking better care of them and developing a high level of satisfaction.


We believe that in the quest for innovative solutions, expertise should be supported by creativity. Professionalism implies striving for excellence, with a long-term vision.


We pool our strengths, our knowledge and our skills, and we remain open to others. This contributes to the vitality and enthusiasm of our team.

Continuous improvement

We are convinced that continuous professional training is a major asset for the success of our entire team, and that it is essential to keep up to date with the latest technology.
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Car insurance
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If I am traveling outside of Quebec and an incident occurs with my vehicle, am I covered?
Yes, but for any trip that exceeds 14 days, the insurer must be notified, because the rules are not the same outside Quebec.
If I use a rental vehicle while traveling, do I need to take additional insurance?
In Canada and the United States, for a vehicle similar to yours, not necessarily, if you already have adequate protection, but elsewhere you will need to use lessor protection. In addition, civil liability and damage to the vehicle are not treated in the same way. Either way, it is best to discuss it with your broker.
Is my vehicle insured if I lend it to a friend and they have an accident?
Any driver with a valid driver’s license can drive your vehicle. In the event of an accident, you will be covered according to the coverage you have contracted. However, you are required to declare any driver living under your roof who holds a valid driver’s license. The same applies if this person drives your car on a regular basis.
If I am not at fault for the accident, will the third-party insurer pay for the damages to my car?
It is always the vehicle’s insurer who pays the repair bill, based on the vehicle owner’s coverage.
I was involved in an accident: someone hit my car while it was parked. Do I have a deductible to pay?
No deductible applies in the event of a not-at-fault collision.