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Non-occupant owner insurance

Peace of mind in a well-protected home.

If you own a house or a building, whether you live in it or not, you need to protect it adequately. With our basic coverage, you’ll be insured against theft, fire, or other losses such as water damage. Then, depending on your needs, different options can be added to your insurance. Let’s work together to ensure your peace of mind.

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Whether you are an owner-occupant or not, think about protection first and foremost.

Homeowner's insurance

Your home is the place where you should feel most secure. That's why you want to protect it, along with your belongings, as best you can.

Non-occupant owner insurance

Do you own an apartment building, duplex, or triplex where you do not live? Rental property insurance should protect you in the event of damage to the property or injury. You’ll need adequate liability insurance.

Water damage

Did you know that water damage is the leading cause of home insurance claims in Quebec? Discover the best water damage coverage in the industry. Talk to your Malouin Assurance broker to choose the best policy for your situation.

Have you installed a water leak detector? Mention it: it could earn you a discount!

Money-saving tips

Combine your insurance

By combining your auto, home, and rental property insurance, you can enjoy substantial savings!
Get custom advice directly from your Malouin Assurance broker:




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Alarm system

Depending on the type of alarm system installed at your property, you may be able to obtain certain discounts.

Water leak detector

Get a substantial discount on your home insurance premium by installing water leak detectors.
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Protect your real estate assets

Non-occupant homeowner’s insurance covers your building, your rental income as well as fire and damage caused by certain occurrences.

Basic coverage

Your building is covered if damage is caused by fire, vandalism, and certain other occurrences, such as wind damage.

Rental income

Are you renting out real estate? Protect your source of income now by contacting your Malouin broker!
Be specific when you provide information to your broker. Have you installed an alarm system? A water leak detector? Tell them! All this can save you money! Have you finished paying your mortgage? This can make a big difference in your insurance premium!

Additional coverage

Different realities? Different options!

Talk to a broker now to find out which coverage is right for you.

Legal protection option

This additional protection is ideal for legal concerns.

Water damage option

To protect you in the event of damage caused by a broken water inlet or overflow, a leak or accidental sewer backup.
Non-occupant landlord, have you thought about taking out legal insurance? To insure yourself in case of unpaid rent? Contact your Malouin Assurance broker now to get the best insurance advice.

General questions


A tree fell on my building, what can I do?

First, contact your broker, who will be able to guide you. A claims adjuster can verify the condition of the site and the extent of the damage. There are two main causes for a falling tree: weather-related causes or a tree-health issue. Depending on the situation, an analysis will determine who is responsible as well as the appropriate compensation.

Is homeowner's insurance different from property insurance?

Home insurance differs depending on whether you are a tenant or an owner. Moreover, on the owner side, one will distinguish between an owner-occupant and one who lives elsewhere. The first lives on the premises. The second, generally, will rent the dwelling, in the case of an income-generating property, a duplex or a triplex, among others. In all cases, it is important to clearly define your situation in order to benefit from the best possible protection.

Is homeowner's insurance mandatory?

It may surprise you to know that unlike automobile insurance, homeowner's insurance is not mandatory in Quebec. However, keep in mind that in the event of a claim, the costs can be astronomical! By clearly determining your needs, you will be able to find the policy that will protect you without having to pay a fortune.


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