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ATVs are synonymous with freedom, wide open spaces, and the ability to ride on any type of terrain. Whether you have a 4-wheeler, quad, two-seater or side-by-side off-road vehicle, your Malouin Assurance broker will give you the best advice for customized ATV insurance. For maximum fun behind the wheel of your all-terrain vehicle, choose the right insurance policy!

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Protection for all types of off-road vehicles

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No matter what type of ATV you have, we recommend that you protect it with insurance that is tailored to your situation. This way, you will be covered so that you can fully enjoy your activities with peace of mind.









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Money-saving tips

Combine your insurance

Do you want to insure your ATV only? No problem! We can help you.

However, you should know that by combining your car, motorcycle, other vehicle or home insurance, you can benefit from substantial savings!

Or get customized advice directly from your Malouin Assurance broker:




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Anti-theft system

Depending on the type of anti-theft system installed on your ATV, you may be able to obtain certain discounts.

Recognized ATV club

When talking to your Malouin broker, don't hesitate to mention if you belong to an ATV club such as the FQCQ, which could save you quite a bit of money!

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Basic coverage

Because protection is everyone’s business

Basic coverage includes liability, collision, rollover, theft, vandalism, and fire.

Theft, vandalism, and fire

Comprehensive insurance covers damage to your ATV as well as to equipment and accessories, caused by any type of incident.

Collision and rollover

Coverage for damage to your ATV, equipment, and accessories in the event of a collision or rollover.

Civil liability

In Québec, all road vehicle owners are required to purchase liability insurance. It should be noted that by driving off the roads, bodily injury to others will be covered by civil liability.

What do you do with your ATV? Do you carry wood or other materials? Do you use it alone or with a group? Is it a reward for a job well done, or simply a well-deserved rest? Do you stay within Québec or do you ride outside the province? Your Malouin Assurance broker will listen to your needs, and provide you with tailored coverage!

Additional coverage

Different realities? Different options!

Talk to a broker now to find out which coverage is right for you.

Replacement cost option

This complementary protection is ideal if you have a new ATV: it allows you to replace it with a current year vehicle.

«Personal effects» option

Covers clothing and accessories that need to be replaced as a result of an incident. There is no deductible, and you will be compensated on a replacement value basis.

«Undepreciated» option

Choose the 2, 3 or 4 year undepreciated guarantee to protect your investment. Contact your Malouin Assurance broker for more information!

«Equipment and accessories» option

Protect your equipment and accessories such as your trailer, tools, helmet and more. Following an accident, you’ll receive a settlement based on the replacement value. No deductible applies.

General Questions


Will securing my ATV reduce the cost of my ATV insurance?

Yes, securing your ATV, quad, two-seater, or side-by-side can help you reduce the cost of your insurance. Before investing, consult a Malouin Assurance broker, who can inform you of best practices.

Is ATV insurance mandatory in Québec?

Simply put: yes, it is! As with any motorized vehicle that you register with the SAAQ, insurance for an ATV is mandatory in Québec. It is recommended that ATV owners have at least $2,000,000 in liability insurance. At a minimum, this is to cover any bodily injury or property damage caused to others by your ATV. Ask about insurance that also protects you in case of an incident or accident. Be aware that the SAAQ does not cover injuries sustained in an ATV accident. The only exception is if a moving car was involved in the accident.

Is my off-road vehicle insured if I lend it to a friend and he has an accident?

Any driver over the age of 16 with a valid driver's license can drive your vehicle. In the event of an accident, you will be covered according to the coverage you have. However, you are required to declare any driver living in your household who has a valid driver's license. The same applies if this person drives your ATV on a regular basis.

Is it mandatory to register my ATV?

It is mandatory to register any ATV with the SAAQ, even if you only ride on designated trails.

You will have to pay the cost of the SAAQ ATV insurance, just like when registering an automobile. You will be charged the cost of the SAAQ ATV insurance when you first register your vehicle, and at each renewal.

Without proof of ownership of your vehicle (obtained from the SAAQ at time of registration), you may not receive any compensation when you make a claim.

What factors affect the price of off-road vehicle insurance?

Several factors come into play: the driver's age, driving history, previous claims, the value of the ATV, quad or other model and the desired coverage.


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