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Preparing your home for winter

Can you feel it? Winter is at our doorstep. And your door needs to be shut tight. How can you prepare your home for the cold season? If you follow these few tips, you’ll avoid breakage and damages, and save yourself some money. Let’s begin by looking at where the cold inevitably creeps in.


If they’re not airtight, you’ll need to do something about it. If you prefer to leave the job to professionals, you’ll find caulking and insulation companies. Otherwise, many interesting alternatives are available from hardware stores. And finally, if you have seasonal storm windows, now’s the time to install them!


Your doors play a major role in protecting your home from the cold. They’ll be opening and closing quicker than in the summer (that’s what people do when their nose is frozen). So now is the time to repair them, change the weatherstripping and make sure your handles and locks are in optimal working order.

Water, which eventually turns to ice, is not your friend. In winter, you need to beware of water infiltration. A few simple steps can save you heaps of trouble!

Outdoor taps and garden hoses

Turn off the taps and "unplug" the garden hoses, making sure to drain them properly before putting them away. This will protect them from freezing and ice damage.


For these same reasons, preparing your home for winter means checking the condition of your roof. Look for stains that could indicate leaks. Quickly call in a professional to repair your roof before it starts snowing.


If you enjoy the warmth of a crackling fire, remember to do some basic maintenance. If you have an outdoor firepit, clean it and store it to prevent damage from the cold. It would be a shame not to be able to enjoy it next year!

Air exchanger

We recommend that you clean the air exchanger filters, which have undoubtedly accumulated dirt over the summer. Also check the air exchanger’s drain. It must be properly connected and should not be loose on the floor, where water run-off from the defrost cycle could cause damage.

Heating system

Because hopping on a plane and heading to warmer climes isn’t always an option, you deserve to feel comfortable in your home. Check your heating system! Prevent breakdowns and welcome the cold season with peace of mind.

Performing a thorough home inspection, making any necessary repairs, cleaning up and putting away your summer gear are all simple actions that will reduce hassle and allow you to take full advantage of your warm home.

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