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Privacy Policy and Use of Cookies

At Malouin Assurance, we take the protection of your security seriously, just as we value the confidentiality of your personal information. Our commitment is based on four essential principles.

These principles ensure that your data is handled with the utmost care and respect for your privacy throughout our collaboration. At Malouin Assurance, your trust is essential, and we work diligently to earn that trust at every stage of our relationship.

An internal policy has been established to educate employees, including insurance brokers, on best practices to be adopted in the course of professional activities for the firm. Yvan Malouin, President of the firm, has been appointed as the person responsible for the protection of personal information for the firm.

Four essential principles


Limited to the Essentials:

We collect, use, and disclose only the necessary information to ensure that only relevant data is processed in the course of our business relationship.


Complete Transparency:

Our commitment to you is built on transparency. Throughout our relationship, we act with clarity and openness regarding the use of your personal information.


Informed Consent:

Before collecting, using, or sharing your personal information, we always obtain your prior informed consent, clearly informing you of the purposes and terms of processing.


Privacy Protection:

The security of your personal information is our top priority. We implement robust security measures to ensure the confidentiality and protection of your data.

Who is Covered by this Statement

This statement applies to all individuals whose personal information we process in the course of our activities.

Here are some examples of individuals covered by these rules:


Malouin Assurance Customers :

You have subscribed to an insurance policy with us as the insured, co-insured, beneficiary, dependent or payer.


Individuals Interacting with Malouin Assurance, even if they are not customers:

  • You have contacted us for information or inquiries.
  • You have visited our website and navigated its pages.
  • You have participated in a contest or survey organized by us.
  • You have applied for a job within our company.
  • You have submitted a request for a quote or proposal but have not entered into a transaction with us.
  • You are a former customer who has previously had a business relationship with us.
  • You are acting as a trustee, agent, or executor for a person engaging in transactions with us.

2. How We Collect Your Personal Information

From Whom

We collect your personal information from various sources, including:



When you interact directly with us, whether by filling out forms, contacting our customer service, or using our services.


Individuals who have purchased a product or service from us:

If you are identified as a beneficiary or dependent under an insurance policy, we may obtain your personal information from the primary insured person. Before providing us with your information, these individuals must obtain your consent for the collection, use, and disclosure of your personal information.

In What Ways

We use several methods to collect your personal information. Here are some examples of how we proceed:


By phone:

When you communicate with our customer service or agents over the phone, we may collect information necessary to respond to your requests or process transactions.


In person:

If you visit our offices or meet our representatives in person, we may collect data to facilitate our services and interactions.


Using forms and digital interfaces:

When you fill out forms on our website or use our digital interfaces to submit information, we collect this data to process your requests.


Using public databases:

For example, to conduct a criminal record check.

3. What Personal Information We Collect

The employees of the firm only collect information necessary for obtaining insurance quotes and managing insurance files. Information may be shared internally (within the firm) and externally (with insurers and wholesalers) to obtain insurance quotes and manage insurance files. Consent to the collection and use of information is obtained by brokers at the time of collection.

We consider “personal information” to be any information about you that allows for your direct or indirect identification (by associating it with other information).

Here are examples of what we may collect, use, or disclose:

3. What Personal Information We Collect

The employees of the firm only collect information necessary for obtaining insurance quotes and managing insurance files. Information may be shared internally (within the firm) and externally (with insurers and wholesalers) to obtain insurance quotes and manage insurance files. Consent to the collection and use of information is obtained by brokers at the time of collection.

We consider “personal information” to be any information about you that allows for your direct or indirect identification (by associating it with other information).

Here are examples of what we may collect, use, or disclose:


Information to Identify You:

  • First and Last Name;
  • Date of Birth;
  • Address;
  • Postal Code;
  • Apartment Number;
  • Email Address;
  • Phone Number;
  • Gender;
  • Marital Status.

Information About Your Insurance File:

  • Driving Record;
  • Insurance quotes and proposals;
  • Information about insured individuals and properties, prices, coverages, terms, and other guarantees;
  • Information collected during claims and benefits requests;
  • Claims history.

Financial Information:

  • Balances and debts;
  • Financial statements;
  • Payment information.

Digital Information:

  • IP Address;
  • Location Data;
  • Information about your device, operating system, or browser;
  • Preferences and browsing habits.

Information about your Interactions and communications with us:

  • Reasons for doing business with us;
  • Telephone recordings and communications to improve your customer experience;
  • Written communications (e.g., your letters or emails);
  • Notes, reports, and records of your communications with us;
  • Information about your inquiries, dissatisfactions, or complaints;
  • Language communication preferences;
  • Survey, contest, and consultation responses.

Information Related to Our Verifications and Security:

  • Information found in public records (e.g., municipal registers, land registers, court registers);
  • Video recordings from security cameras in our service points and logs of electronic access card activations;
  • Information about our verifications related to misrepresentations, fraud, cyber threats, and other violations of laws;
  • Criminal records.

Other Information:

  • Information about other people besides you (e.g., proxy, guardian, temporary representative, assistant, beneficiary, spouse, dependent, or other insured person);
  • Information about your professional situation (e.g., your education, occupation, association, or professional order).

We only collect information that is necessary and relevant to provide our services and always respect your rights regarding privacy and the protection of personal data.

4. Why We Collect, Use, and Disclose Your Personal Information

Your personal information is used for various purposes to provide you with our products and services and to comply with our legal obligations.

Here are the main purposes for which we collect, use, retain, and disclose your personal information:


Providing you with our products and services:

  • Establishing a relationship with you as a customer;
  • Identifying you to manage your contracts and interactions with us;
  • Understanding your situation, profile, needs, and goals to offer you tailored products and services;
  • Evaluating your requests to determine if we can provide you with our products and services;
  • Managing and administering your products and services, including processing claims and payments.

Improving Our Products and Services:

  • Obtaining your feedback on your interactions with us and our products to enhance our offerings;
  • Conducting studies and research, including the use of statistical models to propose personalized offers and advice.

Complying with our legal obligations:

  • Protecting your safety and ours by detecting and preventing fraud, cyber threats, and other violations of the law.
  • Responding to requests and orders from courts and government and regulatory agencies.
  • Complying with our tax and data retention obligations.

Providing you with a personalized experience, if you consent:

  • Communicating personalized offers about our products and services based on your communication preferences (e.g., mail, email, text message, phone, applications, or websites);
  • Providing tailored advice based on your situation to help you reduce risks and the impact of a claim.

5. We Always Obtain Your Consent Unless Permitted by Law


5.1 When we obtain your consent:

We seek your consent before collecting, using, or disclosing your personal information. In some cases, the law allows us to presume that we have your consent, or it exempts us from obtaining it (see section 5.4).


5.2 How we obtain your consent:

We may request your consent in various ways:

  • In writing, by presenting you with a consent form;
  • Verbally, by obtaining your verbal agreement;
  • Over the phone, including through an automated message if appropriate;
  • Electronically or digitally, through consent clicks or checkboxes on our online platforms.

5.3 Duration and scope of your consent:

Your consent is valid for the duration necessary to achieve the specific purposes for which we requested it. Once these purposes are achieved, your consent remains valid to allow us to fulfill our legal retention obligations in accordance with laws and our retention schedules. It is important to note that your consent applies only to the purposes we have clearly disclosed to you. If we wish to use or disclose your personal information for other purposes, we will seek your consent again, except in the cases described in the following section.


5.4 Cases where we do not obtain your consent:

In certain specific situations where the law permits, we may use your personal information without obtaining your consent. 

This may include:

  • Cases where the use is to your benefit or is compatible with the original purpose of collection;
  • Cases where the use or disclosure of the information is necessary to fulfill our legal obligations, such as complying with a court or government agency order, preventing or detecting fraud, or as part of an investigation.

6. We May Disclose Your Personal Information to Other Individuals and Organizations


6.1 Who We May Disclose Your Personal Information To:

We may share your personal information with our affiliated companies as well as with other individuals or organizations if it is necessary to achieve the purposes listed in this section.

Here are some examples of potential recipients:

  • Other financial institutions, such as insurers and reinsurers.
  • Service providers related to a claim, such as healthcare facilities, healthcare professionals, or auto repair shops.
  • Government agencies or regulatory authorities. Companies providing technology, document reproduction, or shipping services.
  • Agencies holding information about insurance, fraud, or compensation, such as credit rating agencies, the Groupement des assureurs automobiles, the Société d’assurance automobile du Québec, the Fichier central des sinistres automobiles, or other municipal or land registries.

7. How We Protect Your Personal Information


7.1 We Limit Access to Your Personal Information:

We restrict access to your personal information only to individuals who need it to perform their specific duties. These individuals are granted access only to the information necessary to achieve the purposes listed in this section. This applies to all members of our team, as well as to our external suppliers and partners.


7.1.1 Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure of Information

Employees of the firm have signed a confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement regarding personal and sensitive information, including information about the firm’s clients. They are bound by this agreement to use the information they have access to only for the firm’s professional activities, in accordance with legislative, regulatory, and ethical requirements, and only for the purposes for which it was collected. Employees are also required to protect the integrity and confidentiality of the information they have access to and are not allowed to disclose this information unless expressly authorized by their manager or compelled by the application of a law.


7.2 We Implement Robust Security Measures:

We have implemented several types of measures to protect your personal information from loss, theft, and unauthorized access, use, or disclosure.

Organizational Measures:

  • Limiting access to personal information to only those individuals who need such information;
  • Recording all operations involving copying and exporting personal information in the course of our routine activities for enhanced traceability.

Physical Measures:

  • Using access cards to control entry to our offices;
  • Registering visitors and verifying their identities to ensure the security of our premises;
  • Backing up and archiving personal information in an emergency backup system to prevent data loss.

Technological Measures:

  • Implementing passwords, firewalls, and other security measures to protect the integrity of your data.

7.3 We Dispose of Your Personal Information After Fulfilling Our Obligations:

We retain your personal information for as long as necessary to achieve the purposes listed in this section. Even if you are no longer our customer, we must keep your personal information in our client records in accordance with legislative and regulatory requirements, including for the purpose of ensuring its security, for the period required by law and regulation. However, we have established clear retention schedules to define these limits. Once the retention period has elapsed, we proceed to the permanent destruction of your personal information. This ensures that your data is protected even after its initial use.

In cases where personal information needs to be destroyed, the firm uses shredders on its premises or engages an external firm specialized in shredding.


7.4 Mode of Communication

The firm uses the Outlook messaging service to communicate with its clientele (actual and potential). It cannot guarantee the full security of this means of communication. In this context, when the consumer wishes to use this means of communication, they consent to the associated risks. The option of communication via regular mail is available.

8. Your Rights


8.1 Change Your Consent:

You have the option to modify your consent regarding the collection, use, disclosure, and retention of your personal information, subject to certain limitations.

Consent to do business with us:
Withdrawing this consent may prevent us from offering our products and services to you in the future. However, we may be required to retain some of your personal information to fulfill our contractual and legal obligations.

Consent to receive personalized offers and advice:
You can withdraw this consent at any time by calling us at 1-888-625-6846.


8.2 Access your personal information and have It corrected:

You have rights regarding your personal information, including the right to access this information, correct or update it, and receive a copy in a structured and commonly used technological format, such as a PDF file. If some personal information is publicly disclosed, you can request that it be removed from public disclosure, for example, removing a contest-related publication on our social media.

Here are the steps to process a request:

  • You must send a detailed written request to the Privacy Officer, whose contact information is provided in section 9.
  • We will process your request within 30 days of its receipt and inform you if there are any fees associated with transcribing, reproducing, or transmitting your information.
  • You will receive our response in writing.
  • You also have the right to request that a hyperlink associated with your name be made accessible or inaccessible in a search engine, under certain conditions.

8.3 Be informed if an automated decision is made:

We will inform you if we make an automated decision about you. In some cases, we use your personal information to make a decision without human intervention. For example, some group insurance claims and individual insurance proposals are processed in this manner. You have the right to request the main reasons for an automated decision or to provide your observations to a member of our team.


8.4 Complaints:

In the event of a dispute or complaint regarding the protection of personal information, the consumer or client is invited to consult the firm’s dispute and complaint handling policy.

The policy is available on the firm’s website at the bottom of the page ‘Dispute Handling Policy and Complaint Resolution’ or upon request:

By email: info@malouinassurance.ca
By phone: 1-888-625-6846

9. Have a Question or Comment?

Our Privacy Officer is at your service. This person ensures that we comply with the rules described on this page and in accordance with the law. To contact our Privacy Officer, you can fill out our form or write to us at the following address:

Privacy Officer

Yvan Malouin
Malouin assurance
1200 Notre-Dame
Saint-Césaire, Qc

10. References of Interest

  • Private Sector Personal Information Protection Act;
  • Modernizing legislative provisions on the protection of personal information Act, LQ 2021, c 25;
  • Distribution of Financial Products and Services Act, sections 30, 89, 91, and 113;
  • Code of Ethics for Damage Insurance Representatives, sections 23 and 24.

Effective date of the policy:

September 16, 2023

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What are cookies used for?

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Essential Cookies

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They allow:

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How to manage cookies from your browser.

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