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Home insurance: should you be covered against an earthquake?

Spontaneously, many will answer that an earthquake is not among the dangers that threaten Quebec. The reality is a bit more nuanced. Let’s look at the situation together.

An earthquake is caused by the rupture of deeply buried rocks, which make the ground shake. Although this geological phenomenon is unpredictable, it will occur more in areas where there are faults between two plates of the earth’s crust.

The situation in Quebec

Data indicates that approximately 400 earthquakes strike Eastern Canada each year 1 . Many of these are felt in Quebec, and some regions are more at risk than others. These are Western Quebec, Bas-Saint-Laurent-Côte- Nord and Charlevoix-Kamouraska.

It is not uncommon for an earthquake to reach a magnitude of 6 or more on the Richter scale.

Are you already protected against earthquakes?

The answer can be: yes and no! First of all, earthquake insurance is not included in your home insurance. It is a rider that must be added. However, if the earthquake causes a fire, your current insurance may cover you.

It does not, however, cover you against damage that results directly from the quake. For example, cracks in the foundation, breakage in the structure, landslides, etc.

In fact, this type of damage can be significant and can result in costly repairs.

What to do in case of an earthquake?

It is not our intention to fan a fear of earthquakes! But since most people are unaware, it’s better to know the facts.

De plus, la sécurité va au-delà de l’assurance. Il y a donc aussi les bons gestes à accomplir en cas de tremblement de terre. On trouve d’ailleurs un sur le site du gouvernement du Canada. Grâce à celui-ci, vous pouvez évaluer la capacité de votre maison à résister à un séisme. Vous pouvez aussi découvrir différents gestes à poser pour vous protéger.
In addition, safety goes way beyond insurance. There are also appropriate actions to take in case of an earthquake. There is an interesting tool on the Government of Canada website. With this tool, you can evaluate the capacity of your house to resist an earthquake. You’ll also discover different actions to take to protect yourself.

In any case, you can find out about the risks in your area or municipality. Knowledge always allows you to make the most informed decisions.

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