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Bill 30: What is it all about?

Understanding Bill 30 Recently, there's been a lot of talk in the insurance community about Bill 30. This bill is seen as a blessing by some and as a step backwards by others. What does it all mean? And what exactly does it mean for consumers? Shopping around and...

Secure your home during the Holidays and enjoy the festivities!

Spending a few days out of town to celebrate with Uncle Billy and the family? A long drive, gifts to buy, desserts to make – there's so much to think about before you leave! Let us help you achieve peace of mind with a few simple tips to secure your home for the...

Preparing your home for winter

Can you feel it? Winter is at our doorstep. And your door needs to be shut tight. How can you prepare your home for the cold season? If you follow these few tips, you'll avoid breakage and damages, and save yourself some money. Let's begin by looking at where the cold...

Winter storage for your boat: best practices

A few best practices Cold and ice can seriously damage your boat. And since repairs are notoriously expensive, you want to avoid them. That's why we recommend winter storage for your boat. Whether indoors or outdoors, here are a few basic rules to consider: Take it...


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