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Auto insurance: in case of an accident, who pays for repairs?

Does auto insurance cover everything? Springtime is the time to do a bit of car maintenance and adapt your vehicle for the warm season. In your mind, you can already start picturing leisurely country drives, with open windows and your favorite music blasting on the...

Do you need mortgage insurance?

Buying a home is one of the most important transactions of your life. Of course, you want it to be as positive and successful as possible: that’s why it’s important to carefully assess your needs. Will you need mortgage insurance? You'll want to determine the best...

Preventing water damage in your home

The sun is heating up and spring is just around the corner. You want to give it a warm, friendly welcome, but it often shows up with an unwanted guest called "water damage". What can you do to prevent this surprise guest from spoiling your party? To prevent water...

Choosing a car to reduce your insurance costs: food for thought

So, you're shopping for a new car, and you already have a few criteria in mind. You're concerned about gas mileage. You may want to go electric. You're thinking about appearance, storage capacity, handling. Have you considered choosing a car that will reduce your...


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