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Avoiding tractor accidents: a few safety rules

Because we work in the field of insurance, we are inevitably interested in everything related to safety. This is why we are concerned about tractor-accident data.

Did you know that every year hundreds of people die on Canadian farms? In addition, 70% of farm machinery-related fatalities involve tractors 1. 

With summer soon upon us, we feel it is important to remind you of a few safety rules for tractor operation.

The importance of working with equipment that is in good condition

The CNESST reminds us that tractors are the most-used farm vehicles 2. Here are a few of their safety guidelines:

  • The operator of a farm tractor has to deal with broad blind spots. That’s why it’s important to make sure that no one is around before you begin.
  • Tractor operation must be adapted to the terrain. With its high center of gravity, a tractor presents a risk of overturning on uneven terrain.
  • A farm tractor is designed for a single driver, and should not carry any passengers, especially children.
  • A farm tractor must be equipped with a rollover protective structure (RPS) and a seat belt. The latter must be worn by the operator.

Adjusting your driving to avoid tractor accidents

According to the CNESST, certain best practices will help avoid tractor accidents. In particular, you should adapt your speed to the condition of the ground, avoid sudden braking and keep the loader low.

Our brokers take a keen interest in your safety. Never hesitate to contact our team of professionals with any questions you may have, as well as for peace of mind.

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