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Auto insurance: in case of an accident, who pays for repairs?

Does auto insurance cover everything?

Springtime is the time to do a bit of car maintenance and adapt your vehicle for the warm season. In your mind, you can already start picturing leisurely country drives, with open windows and your favorite music blasting on the car stereo. But that picture takes a dark turn and the fun comes to a sudden halt when an accident occurs. Will your car insurance cover it all?

The first step is to contact your insurer as soon as possible. This is a requirement of your insurance contract. Describe the situation, the cause of the accident, the location of your vehicle is and the damage. Together, you can determine whether the situation requires a claim, and then take action.

You should know that for several years now, the “direct compensation agreement” has been in effect. This means that your automobile insurer must pay the damages, regardless of who is responsible for the accident. Did the accident occur in Québec, did it involve two vehicles and have the owners been identified? Then your auto insurance will pay for the expenses incurred, in accordance with your chosen coverage.

Does auto insurance cover repairs?

You have the freedom to choose the garage that will repair your car. For your insurer to cover the cost, you must have their prior authorization. Keep in mind that your broker can direct you to resources that can assess the damage and the necessary repairs.

What about costs and repair time?

When bad luck strikes, you obviously want your vehicle repaired as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, both the cost and the speed of repairs are based on several uncontrollable factors, depending on the type of accident.

The supply chain is being impacted by today’s inflation, as well as by labor shortages. As for all industries, raw materials and parts are more expensive and take longer to arrive.

Be aware that your auto insurance may require you to replace damaged parts with new ones. As previously mentioned, the production and supply of auto parts is painstakingly slow these days. You should understand that delays will depend on this situation, and not on the intervention of your insurer. Most garages and dealerships offer courtesy vehicles. Car rentals may also be covered, depending on your insurance policy.

Not all accidents are the same, nor are all insurance policies. Still have some lingering questions when your head should be filled with sunny thoughts? Give us a call! We are always happy to provide you with advice that will put your mind at ease.

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