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Jeweller's insurance


Optimum Société d'Assurance Inc. (OSA) has been working in the sector since 1940 and is proud to introduce its new product:

Jeweller's Optimum

OSA's jewellers' insurance provides maximum protection for the jewellery industry.

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Jewellers' insurance

Insurance specially designed for:
  • Retailers
  • Wholesalers
  • Manufacturers
Basic protection Comprehensive coverage for :
  • Merchandise
  • Leasehold improvement and equipment
  • Templates, moulds, models, dies
Goods shipped by:
  • Registered or certified mail
  • Express mail (air, rail)
  • Parcel delivery
  • Private vehicle
  • Armoured van
Goods in representatives' hands Exhibited goods Goods entrusted to a dealer Goods in a window display

Included coverage

Goods transported by an authorized dealer5 000$
20% escalator clause up to100 000$
Gemologists civil liability (evaluation)25 000$
Voluntary compensation for victims of violent robbery or burglary25 000$
Employee dishonesty25 000$
Kidnapping and ransom (e.g. child abduction)25 000$
Further coverage available on request, such as:
  • Property
  • Loss of benefits
  • Liability
2 000 000$


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Comprehensive Jewellers' Insurance with Fluet Assurances


As you know, it is not easy to take out a jewellers' insurance policy given the high risk of theft and armed robbery in the industry. Mr. Maurice Fluet of Fluet Assurances Inc. provides Intergroupe member offices the option to negotiate jewellers' insurance through his office. Fluet Assurances has been specializing in jewellers' insurance for many years and has developed considerable expertise in underwriting these types of risk and loss prevention. The insurer is Optimum Société d'Assurance


We can issue a standard policy (retailer "package") that removes exclusions on jewellery with theft restrictions of goods up to 10,000 or 25,000 maximum. If there is improvement of risk (recommendations made following inspection), a general jewellers' insurance policy can be issued with or without theft restrictions of goods. The jewellers' general policy may also be issued in the form of a commercial package policy that adds buildings, contents, business interruptions, crime, civil liability and machinery breakdown.

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